Post Winter Update

Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 03:31PM
Posted by Registered CommenterErin

Well, we just made it through another mushing season and it was a success!  Both Paul and Erin met their goals and are looking forward to next season, but are first anxious for spring and summer to mow grass and grow flowers.  Check under Races/Expeditions for details. 

Winter may be upon us

Thursday, November 2, 2006 at 02:07PM
Posted by Registered CommenterErin

It's November 2nd and we've been training the dogs for almost 2 months now.  We are still on 4-wheelers, but did get about 7 inches of snow last weekend.  As of Monday the swaps were still too wet to run in because of all the rain, but we have had a couple of COLD mornings this week. It was even -2 this morning.  So, winter may be upon us. 

Training has been a little slow due to the excessive rain we've received the last couple of months, but the dogs seem to be stonger than they've ever been.  Who knows.

We hired our very first handler - Matt Wagner.  Paul and I have been taking of and training the dogs by ourselves for 10 years and this is still a very new concept for us.  Matt is doing a great job for us and the dogs adore him.  So, I think it was definately the right thing to do.

Paul has been back out in Ilimana working on fisheries stuff again for work.  Hopefully, this is his last trip for the year.  It will be nice to have him back at home because Kayla, Mattie and Ollie become even bigger bed hogs when he is away - ha!  Just kidding, we miss him being around.